No one likes to hear the blaring of a car alarm in the middle of the night -- especially when it's their own vehicle. If your car alarm just keeps going off at night, there's probably an issue with the alarm itself or its sensitivity. Here are a few things that you can check before driving the car back to the dealership.

Park In a Different Location

Car alarms have a tendency to go off when the car is subjected to low noise or rumbling. If you're at work or in your house, you may not notice that your car is being shaken by some environmental issue. Commonly, this can be something like the passing of a train, or even large trucks. Park in a different location before you assume there's something wrong with your car; your car could just be a little sensitive. And if it is a sensitivty issue, then...

Adjust Your Car Alarm Sensitivity

If your car alarm just keeps going off, your sensitivity might simply be too high. The sensitivity of a car alarm is usually set on the shock sensor, which is going to be a small  box that's about three square inches underneath the dashboard on the driver's side. You can adjust this shock sensor by moving the adjustment dial. Turning it counter clockwise will turn it down. You can then test out the sensitivity to see if it's about right for you. Tuning the sensitivity is always the better option than turning off your car alarm altogether.

Check Your Car Fob

When there isn't a problem with your vehicle, it could actually be your car fob. This is easily tested: remove the battery from your car fob and wait through the day or night. This happens because most modern cars have an "alarm" feature on their fob that's designed to keep you safe in the event that you encounter danger in a parking lot. If your car fob has been damaged, it may be sending this signal to your vehicle without you knowing. 


If your vehicle keeps going off, then it's probably an actual issue with your wiring. You'll want to get this fixed as soon as possible -- otherwise you could find yourself getting tickets, citations, or complaints in your neighborhood. Contact Mobile Install today to get your car checked out;  most alarm issues will be able to be fixed in a matter of minutes.

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