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Motorcycle Audio
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Motorcycle Audio Installation and Lighting

Motorcycle Audio Installation and Lighting

Are you looking to get more out of your motorcycle stereo system" Do you have the same problem most bikers have with their sound systems" Gutless, wimpy, poor-sounding speakers on your motorcycle are keeping you from jamming your music while flying down the road at highway speeds. We get it, and we can fix that. At Mobile Installation, we have some of the finest equipment possible to make a motorcycle sound amazing and easily connect to your sources. We don’t just cram car audio equipment into your motorcycle and try to make it sound good. We use motorcycle-specific equipment and are authorized dealers of brands like Rockford Fosgate, Arc Audio, Kenwood, and Alpine Electronics.

Mobile Install Accent ArtMotorcycle head units
Motorcycle Head Unit Picture

Motorcycle head units are sometimes dated depending on what year your bike was made. A lot of the people on their bikes want the same connectivity and convenience features their cars have. Bluetooth, Airplay and Andriod Auto are just a few of the features our customers want in their motorcycle head units. We carry head units from brands like Kenwood, Alpine and others that make head units that connect to just about anything but can also handle the elements. Getting caught in the rain sucks but your stereo better be able to handle it!

Mobile Install Accent ArtMotorcycle LED lights

Motorcycle LED lights are getting less expensive and cooler by the day! We have LED lighting to accent your bike and make it a spectacle when the sun goes down. Our systems from XK Glow can be controlled via smartphone, key fob or a simple switch. We can light the underside of your bike for that nice glow effect or add light pods for more visibility. Our LED lights for bikes can change color and intensity and really make your bike stand out. If you are interested in an LED lighting package for your bike, give us a call or swing by for a quote.

Motorcycle Audio Installation and Lighting

Harley Stereo Upgrades

Motorcycle Speaker Installation

Mobile Install Accent ArtCicada Audio
Cicada Audio LogoCicada Audio Speaker

Cicada Audio began in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a moment of worldwide economic pause was just the window of opportunity that made the idea of Cicada Audio become reality. Company Founder and President, Larry Frederick assembled a talented team with over 40 years of design, manufacturing and marketing experience in 12 volt audio to develop a uniquely crafted range of motorcycle audio products exclusively for Harley-Davidson™, all of which are engineered from the ground up.

Mobile Install Accent ArtDiamond Audio
Diamond Audio Logo Diamond Audio Banner Diamond Audio Speaker
  • 150W RMS/300 MAX Power Handling
  • 1.5” 4 Ohm – Single Layer High Temp Voice Coil with Black Coated Voice Coil former for Woofer
  • 1.0” 8 Ohm – Single Layer High Temp Voice Coil for Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 110Hz -18Khz
  • High Sensitivity 101dB 1W/1M
Diamond Audio Speaker
  • 150W RMS/300W MAX Power Handling
  • Ferrite Strontium High Temp Magnet structure
  • 1.5” 4 Ohm – Single Layer High Temp Voice Coil with Black Coated Voice Coil former for Woofer
  • 1.0” 8 Ohm – Single Layer High Temp Voice Coil for Tweeter
  • Advanced Voice Coil Heat Sink Design for Better Heat Dissipation
Mobile Install Accent ArtHertz SPL
Hertz Audio Logo

Hertz team’s men considerably contribute to car hi-fi development and progress. Their research program is cutting-edge, continuous innovations are usual to them. V-cone®, Tetolon Fibre, Rotary High Frequency Contour, Removable Moving Assembly… It’s the responsibility of being ahead.

Mobile Install Accent ArtGround Zero Audio
Ground Zero Logo Ground Zero Speaker

Many international car audio journals confirm the highest product quality impressing even sophisticated customers. However, the most convincing evidence is provided by the huge amount of GROUND ZERO equipped cars worldwide. With an outstanding audio performance, they succeed to be part of the winner´s circle of European and World SQ and SPL Championships every season.

Mobile Install Accent ArtSound Digital
Sound Digital Logo Sound Digital Speaker

Always innovating and searching for new technologies, Soundigital has earned its share of the Market in a small period of time and has become the apple of the eyes of well-known and demanding professionals of this segment. The brand’s products can be found in over 40 countries around the globe nowadays.

Mobile Install Accent ArtRockford Fosgate
Rockford Fosgate Logo

Rockford Fosgate has stepped it up big this year with their addition of the Harley Davidson audio kits. Front speakers and amplifiers are fairly easy to install on most Streetglides and Roadglides but what about your saddle bag lids? Rockford Fosgate has created a kit for your saddle bag lids that doesn’t require buying new lids and having them painted. This kit uses your existing lids, and you can skip the paint matching because we don’t need it! On top of that, Rockford has some of the best quality speakers and amps for Motorcycles on the planet.

Mobile Install Accent ArtSinister Sound
Sinister Sound Logo

SinisterSound gives you the best aftermarket motorcycle audio system upgrade solution for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The SinisterSound promise is not the empty hype you find from others in the sound design market. We have meticulously performed many years of research and development. We test our speaker system designs in the environments they will be used; on motorcycles at typical road speeds with normal ambient noise. Our systems are designed and built for motorcycles, not cages. Our fairing speakers & amp system alone is a major upgrade and will be heard, loud and clear, even at highway speeds. Your music will sound full, dynamic and crystal clear at high volume. Our speaker design with bass reflex technology produces up to twice the mid-bass when compared to other systems. We simply provide our customers with top quality, friendly support and Crystal Clear Sound You Can Feel.

Mobile Install Accent ArtArc Audio
Arc Audio Logo

Arc Audio is not just another great brand we carry for Motorcycles. Arc has some of the best sounding motorcycle speaker and amplifier packages available. They also have some pretty amazing signal processors that help tune the system to be the best sounding motorcycle system you have ever heard. Arc’s amplifiers are some of the best in the business when it comes to sound quality and power output. This equals clean sound and high volumes which is exactly what you need on a Harley or any other bagger. If you consider yourself to be an audiophile and want the best Arc is perfect for you.

Motorcycles can be a lot of fun and get quite addicting. Our motorcycle stereo systems can be customized to your needs while not doing too much damage to your wallet. If you are hooked and want even more fun on your bike, come down to our shop, call us, or request a quote online to see what we can do to make your bike even more special!

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