Marine Audio & Accessories

Marine Audio & Accessories

Marine Audio & Accessories

When you invest in new audio gear for your boat, you want to be certain that the equipment you purchase can handle the challenges of life on the water. To make sure your gear will last for many seasons, it’s crucial that you choose gear that can withstand the elements. We recommend looking for equipment that boasts these crucial features:

  • Water-Resistant. Water-resistant components are designed to handle rain and splashing water, so you can hit the water without missing a beat.
  • Waterproof. When more advanced water protection is needed, you may want to opt for waterproof components. Versus water-resistant gear that can stand up to light exposure to water, waterproof gear can be fully submerged and keep working.
  • Corrosion Resistant. Corrosion doesn’t only occur when your boat is exposed to salt water. Even exposure to fresh water can cause corrosion in your system’s components. Corrosion protection is used to protect the delicate components of your boat audio system, so it can hold up to many seasons on the water.
  • UV Protection. Water isn’t the only threat to the integrity of your audio gear. A sunny day on the lake may be fun for your family, but sun exposure can take a toll on your audio equipment. High quality boat audio equipment is designed to hold up to UV exposure.

Audio Components and Accessories

Now that you understand what features to consider when shopping for a boat audio system, it’s important to know what specific components are available to you. We offer a complete selection of boat audio equipment, including:

  • Speakers. We install boat audio systems with speakers that can withstand the elements without compromising on sound quality. You can enjoy your favorite music over the sound of your engine, the waves and wind, and other boaters.
  • Subwoofers. Add a subwoofer to your boat for more bass. We can make custom subwoofer enclosures that are designed to match your boat.
  • Head Unit. We can install a marine head unit that matches the style of your boat, available in white or silver. Our head units are both UV and water resistant. We install head units with wireless connectivity using Bluetooth and Android or Apple CarPlay.
  • Amplifiers. We offer high-quality marine amplifiers that are water resistant and able to run efficiently off of batteries, so you can keep your music playing longer.
  • Wire and Cables. Don’t underestimate the importance of quality wire and cables in your boat’s audio system. Proper wiring is a crucial component of your complete sound system.
  • Lighting. We install systems that look as good as they sound. In addition to sound systems, we offer marine lighting installation. Add LED color lighting to your deck, or custom accent lighting. We can also amp up the look of your sound system with trim ring lighting for your speakers, and other custom touches.
Marine Audio & Accessories

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