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From the monthly archives: June 2014

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iPhone App For Your Car Stereo

Kenwood brings cutting edge tech to every car on the road. Many of the new Kenwood car stereos can be set up to accept apps or stream music from your iPod, smartphone, or other devices. The car audio iPhone app makes it easy to pair your device to your car audio system. This means that you can easily take all of your music wherever you are going. These sophisticated systems can be set up to handle Pandora, Sirius XM or stream music from your device.

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Car Audio Has Evolved Greatly

Current car audio has benefited from better design, refined components, streamlined manufacturing and from the desires of consumers. Modern car audio performs a lot better than older car audio equipment performs. 

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Is 1 OHM Better Than 2 OHM?

We often get asked if a lower impedance is better.


In case you are wondering impedance is simply the resistance in an electrical circuit and measured in ohms. All electrical circuits have some form of impedance measurement or all you see is sparks for a few seconds and something melted. For example; a sub-woofer connected to an amp is an electrical circuit and can be measured in ohms.

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