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From the monthly archives: September 2014

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Have You Thought About Custom Rims?

We can set your vehicle up with taller rims that give you a modern look that you want, but that are still safe to drive. Nice rims make the car look sharp. They show that you care about your car even if it is a fixer-upper. People are discovering that it is easier and cheaper to upgrade their existing vehicle with modern conveniences, such as hands free technology, DVD, Audio and rims. You can create something that is modern or custom with

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Are You Sick Of Bug Splats On Your Windshield?

Another good reason to think about a bug shield in Minneapolis is that it will save your paint job. All those little rocks, bugs, and other flying objects kicked up by cars on the road take their toll on your car's paint job. Mobile install makes it easy for you to save the paint job on your car and reduce the damage that driving can have on your windshield.

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Why Do Subs And Speakers Blow?

Most car audio enthusiasts have encountered a blown subwoofer or speaker at some point over the years. Most often you will find blown or damaged factory speakers. You may also find a blown subwoofer in the trunk of your friend with a new car audio amplifier. Blown speakers and subwoofers are rarely associated with a fun event. A blown subwoofer or car speaker results in a replacement or upgrade.

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