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From the monthly archives: August 2014

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Setting Time Delay On Your Car Stereo. Why?

The problem is that when you sit in your driver’s seat the sound from your front left speaker hits your ears before the sound from the right speaker does. The difference is very small but surprisingly humans are very good at hearing these differences and we use that difference to determine where the sound is coming from. What we do to trick the ears into thinking you are in the middle of the car is simply delaying the speaker output of your speakers so all the sound arrives at your ears at the same time. The effect is very nice as you feel like you are directly in the middle of the car. You’ll notice the vocals in the music now sound like they are on your hood singing to you.

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Pi is a funny thing…

There a few other techniques we can use to increase SPL like rebuilding a better box or stuffing it with poly or glassing the inside etc… The best way to get more SPL is to get more woofer area. Then do sound damping and finally get a big nasty amp. If you’re like me you’ll never stop making your system better. Just wait until you want to get the best sound quality possible. It’s fun but requires a lot of time and good gear.

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