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From the monthly archives: February 2016

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Cars of the Future

If we look at any point in the timeline of automotive development, people have always been dreaming of what was to come. In the days of having to hand-crank your starter, future concepts involved vehicles that would start by themselves. The sleek, aerospace-inspired automobile “fins” of the 50s were inevitably a prelude to flying cars. But as we still found ourselves grounded to the road with rubber tires many decades later, we began to focus on the realistic technologies within the vehicle, as opposed to the anti-gravity hover-cars of sci-fi.

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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

As winter continues to hold us in its grip, we still yearn for the warm days of the spring that is to come. Nearly classified as a cultural ritual, “spring cleaning” is already afoot in some preliminary ways in most people’s homes – at least in the planning stages. But how many of us really apply that same ‘rejuvenation’ theory to our vehicles? We would like to put this in your radar with a few useful ideas to consider:

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Can You Add a Tonneau Cover on a Leased Truck?

Many people today lease their vehicles. It can be a great way to operate a vehicle that is under warranty and the monthly payment for leasing is usually much less than the monthly loan payment for purchasing the same make and model. You also can trade it in every two or three years and then lease a brand-new car, truck or SUV with upgraded features and technology.

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