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From the monthly archives: May 2019

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How to Know if Your Cruise Control Needs Repairs

For many drivers, cruise control is not just a want (like a subwoofer or remote start technology), it’s a need. Those who drive long distances daily, such as commuters, can use it to destress. Commercial taxi service customers can throw use cruise control while making their customers feel at home. Finally, for those with limited mobility or pain in the leg, a cruise control system can make driving places not only easier but possible in the first place.

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Why You Should Never DIY Your Car Upgrades

DIY, short for “do it yourself,” is a trendy term that dresses up what is essentially amateur work; a DIYer is a nonprofessional, usually someone with no experience, who takes charge of their own project and does the best they can on their own. Usually they follow a video or go off of a written article they find on the internet.

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Which Vehicle Additions Will Improve Your Commute?

You dread your work commute—that two-hour long period of your day in which you do nothing but sit in your car and zone out. Some people love it, but others absolutely hate it.

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