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From the monthly archives: October 2018

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Winter is On the Way: Time for Heated Car Seats

Heated seats offer quick comfort for any driver or passenger while the car is warming up. Our technicians are here to keep your safe and warm during the freezing Minnesota winters. We offer high-quality heated seat upgrades even if your car doesn’t already have a heating system.

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Boost Your Car's Power With a Power Inverter

Inverters work off of a DC power source in your car. The converter transforms the DC power into AC power. This type of conversion turns your DC power source into a standard outlet for your car. It allows you to power up all kinds of devices you would usually plug into a car.

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Heated Seats – Luxury within Reach

Many of today’s mid-level to upper-end vehicles come with heated seats – which you simply have to experience to appreciate. Despite the arctic weather outside, one touch of a button will let the warmth flow. With our icy Minnesota winters, they are as much a luxury as they are a necessity. However, some cars on the road today did not include such amenities. With Mobile Installation Services, you may never need to experience those glacial seats again!

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5 Benefits of Professional Window Tinting

Anyone who has ever had tint applied to their windshield or side windows can tell you the benefits of tinted car windows. Not only do they improve the driving experience, but they can also make your car more secure and improve its overall aesthetics.

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