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From the monthly archives: April 2017

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The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Personal vehicles carry people to work, the grocery store, and act as transportation for beloved children and family members. They must be safe and reliable. Knowing this, the parts that go into the engine and the accessories that go into the cabin have to be quality parts that work well.

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Feel the Heat! The Magic of Aftermarket Heated Seats!

Who wants a stiff, frozen bum on a cold winter morning? No one. To answer the need of millions of cold bottoms across the planet, innovative thinkers came up with heated seats. Wonderful, right? We thought so and decided to do a little checking into how it evolved and how it works. Read further to delve into the mysteries and magic of heated-bum technology.

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5 Ways Getting a Remote Start Can Change Your Life

While you might be initially hesitant about it, getting a remote start installed in your car could be one of the best decisions you ever make. The convenience and comfort of being able to turn on your car before getting in it has a number of benefits that will make your life so much easier.

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