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From the monthly archives: December 2019

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It's Winter: Time for a Tonneau Cover

Although it’s only December, we’ve already had our share of winter weather in the Twin Cities area this year. And according to experts, we’re just getting started. If you’re a truck driver without a cover over the bed of your truck, your cargo is at risk of damage due to the winter snow. Waiting until the weather clears in impractical in Minnesota, and covering your property with a tarp is inadequate protection.

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How Remote Start Saves the Day This Winter

It’s only December, but we’ve already been hit with some frigid weather and snow this season in the Twin Cities area, and it looks like there’s plenty of snow on the horizon this year. We’ve all suffered the misery of waiting for our cars to warm up or scraping off windshield ice in the bitter winter wind before our coffee has had a chance to kick in. But running outside to warm up the car is a hassle in and of itself. If you’re tired of the cold day scramble to warm up your car, perhaps it’s time for a change.

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Entertain the Kids on the Road with a DVD System

It’s the holiday season, and for millions of Americans, that means loading up the car for a road trip to visit family. For families with children, especially young ones, a long road trip can be a bit overwhelming. It seems no matter how much you plan ahead and no matter how many road trip activities you plan, eventually, the kids end up getting fussy or bored. Having frustrated children in the back seat can be frustrating and pose a safety hazard for distracted parents behind the wheel.

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