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From the monthly archives: December 2016

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Laws and Regulations Regarding Vehicle Sound Systems

Sound systems are an incredibly popular way to modify a car. Whether you enjoy taking long road trips or are just trying to liven up your morning commute, a sound system can make driving more fun. Regardless, there are some laws you might have to follow to make sure your car is legally acceptable.

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5 Winter Accessories - That Also Make Great Gift Ideas!

Winter can be tough on our vehicles! The cold and snow can do damage or just make driving a little too uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are plenty of aftermarket accessories that can make a big difference – and many also make great gifts! Here are five of the most effective options.

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The Advantages of Installing Heated Seats Before Winter

Before the winter weather kicks into high gear, car owners might want to do a little extra work to make sure their cars are comfortable. Many people believe that a car has to come with heated seats -- but heated seats can actually be installed in many vehicles. Aftermarket seat heaters are fit into cars underneath the seats themselves and do not alter the appearance of the vehicle.

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