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From the monthly archives: December 2015

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Why You Need a Back-up Camera

A back-up camera is a special type of video camera mounted at the rear of a car, truck or SUV and designed to aid in backing up safely. A blind spot exists directly behind most vehicles and cannot be seen by the operator using conventional automotive mirrors. This creates a danger zone, especially for small children and pets, and can also complicate backing up in congested parking lots or other tight spaces.

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Lane Departure Systems

The concept behind lane departure warning systems is simple, employing a camera coupled with processing software to watch how close you are to road surface markings. It adds a tangible measure of safety while driving and can save lives, not to mention thousands of dollars in crash repairs.

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How Collision Avoidance Technology Works

The science of vehicular safety has been evolving since the dawn of the automobile. We take seat belts, anti-lock brakes and air bags for granted these days, but each of these technologies was born from the persistent desire to reduce accident fatalities and injuries on the road. If we look at virtually any vehicle today, it is furnished with an abundance of mechanisms aimed to heighten safety – from automatic headlamps to traction control to lane departure systems. These driver-assistance technologies enhance convenience but also save lives.

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Remote Starts: One-way vs. Two-way

Most remote car starters can be divided into two primary categories – one-way and two-way. Many of the standard systems are typically of the one-way variety, which means the data from your transmitter is being sent to the vehicle in one direction. When a button is pressed on the remote, a signal is transmitted to the car, which will often acknowledge receipt of that signal by flashing the parking lights, generating an audible signal, or both. As long as you are within range, which may be many hundreds of feet, you can confirm that your vehicle has started.

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