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From the monthly archives: January 2020

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Why You Should Think About a Backup Camera

With the stress of the holidays barely in the rearview mirror, the hectic traffic they bring is still fresh in most of our minds. If you’ve ever gone through the nerve-racking experience of backing out in a busy parking lot during the Christmas shopping season, you know why a backup camera is handy.

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Start Planning for Your Summer Road Trips Now

In Brooklyn Park, the weather outside is still pretty frosty. Fun in the summer sun can seem ages way, but it’s closer than you think. With the new year on the calendar, it’s a good time to start thinking about your plans for the coming year. If you start planning now, you can be ready to get in on the action anytime fun comes calling.

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How Technology Has Changed Driving for the Better

It’s hard to believe that only a century ago, cars had more in common with carriages of old than they do with the sleek modern vehicles rolling off the assembly line today. However, even in the early days of cars, wide-eyed dreamers used their imagination to paint a picture of what the future of automobiles could hold. If you’ve ever seen pictures of “future” cars from the fifties, you can appreciate how wild that vision could be. But today, we are living in the future, and although we don’t have flying cars, driving has changed in countless ways for the better.

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