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From the monthly archives: September 2022

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How to Check Your Tire Pressure in 4 Simple Steps

If you want exceptional performance from your tires, they need the correct air pressure and general maintenance. Making it easier for you is our goal, so we have created this handy guide with everything you need to know about tire pressure and care tips!

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How to Tell Your Catalytic Converter Was Stolen

With fuel prices on the rise, the last thing you need is to have to shell out for costly repairs to your vehicle. But even if you take excellent care of your car, catalytic converter thieves can send you to the repair shop for a replacement that costs upwards of $2500 in some cases. Unfortunately, as efforts to make cleaner cars continue to improve, so do the skill sets of catalytic converter thieves. Fortunately, our technicians at Mobile Installation have a few options to help reduce your chance of becoming a victim.

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4 Accessories to Protect Your Classic Car

We live in an age where people always seem to be in a race to get the latest technological advancement, whether it’s a brand new smartphone or the latest and greatest TV. But when it comes to cars, classic car lovers know that the latest isn’t always the greatest. You probably don’t own a classic car because you love the mileage it gets or its handling. Instead, we love classic cars because they remind us of a different time when craftsmanship and style were the main focus.

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