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From the monthly archives: July 2017

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These Car Accessories Will Make Your Summer Tailgating Great

Summer tailgating is a time-honored tradition – and it can be made even better with a few easy and affordable modifications to your car. Here are some accessories and car mods that can be added to your vehicle to make tailgating both more convenient and more comfortable.

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Hiding Car Speakers: The Best Ways to Keep Speakers Hidden

Everyone's seen it: the car with the speakers that take up the entirety of its backseat. But that's far from necessary. You can get powerful sound in your vehicle that's quite unobtrusive, with the following options.

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Selecting the Right Car Audio Amplifiers

Are you thinking about installing a car audio amplifier? Most systems come with a built-in amplifier, but if you want true power (or if you've created your own custom system), you'll need an external amplifier. Amplifiers are used whenever a sound system needs to boost signal from one component to another. With an amplifier, you get the best possible performance. When selecting an amplifier, you need to consider the location, channels, and power.

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