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Why a Power Inverter is a Road Trip Necessity

After months of social distancing, the world is starting to open back up again, and after spending so much time cooped up in our homes, we’re ready. Now that we’ve all caught up on our Netflix queues and perfected our baking skills while keeping ourselves and our communities safe, it’s time to start having summer fun. And what better way to have fun is there than by planning a road trip?

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Three Accessories to Protect Your Classic Car

We live in an age where people always seem to be in a race to get the latest technological advancement, whether it’s a brand new smartphone or the latest and greatest TV. But when it comes to cars, classic car lovers know that the latest isn’t always the greatest. You probably don’t own a classic car because you love the mileage it gets or its handling. Instead, we love classic cars because they remind us of a different time when craftsmanship and style were the main focus.

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How a Dash Cam Protects Commercial Drivers

For commercial drivers and managers in charge of a fleet, a car is more than just a ride from point A to point B. It’s also your livelihood and quite possibly the livelihood of others who depend on it as well, which is why protecting your commercial ride and everyone in it is critical.

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