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From the monthly archives: February 2020

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Protecting Your Car With All-Weather Floor Mats

The aftermarket product specialists at Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park discuss the benefit of using all-weather floor mats in your vehicle. We talk about how our floor mats from WeatherTech protect your car from rain, mud, and spills.

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Car’s Audio System?

We’ve all had a car with a less than optimal audio system. For some of us, it was the cassette tape that wouldn’t eject from our old Mustang. For others, it might just be a weak factory stereo on an otherwise awesome car. No matter what your audio system’s specific shortcomings, nothing quite disappoints like trying to turn up the stereo only to realize that it sounds worse with each decibel.

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Innovations in Remote Start Technology You Missed

For drivers who have been on the road for a while, it might be easy to overlook how much things have changed over the years. But technological innovations have completely transformed the driving experience in the past few decades. For example, it wasn’t long ago that drivers were first impressed at the advent of remote start technology. But these days, remote start is fairly common.

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