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From the monthly archives: October 2017

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Why You Need a Tonneau Cover in Your Life

The name is French in origin and means "barrel" when translated literally. Originally found on cars that date back to the early 1900s, the tonneau was a barrel-like back seat, built in a rounded fashion to protect the seat from mud and bugs while the car was being driven down dirt roads. The tonneau cover was a soft leather cover that stretched from one side of the tonneau to the other to keep an unused seat clean. Later, as racing became popular, drivers would use tonneau covers to reduce drag created when the air hit the cockpits of their cars.

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What Do Bug Shields Have to Do With Deer?

What Are Bug Shields? Also called bug deflectors, bug shields are the little plastic, acrylic, or metal strips that attach to the front of a car's hood. These strips deflect bugs, rocks, and debris that could fly up to crack a windshield or cover it with bug guts.

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Cruise Control: Why Rostra Precision Controls Are A Favorite

When one is looking to set their cruise control with a single touch of a button, it should come as no surprise that people turn to Rostra Precision Controls as the brand to make such a task possible. Rostra's Precision Control's Universal Cruise Control System has been making waves in the cruise control market for quite some time and there's plenty of reasons why. Whether it be maintaining speed or accelerating, the Universal Cruise Control System makes it all possible without touching a pedal. So considering these perks, we're going to elaborate as to why Rostra's product is incredibly favorable for those to make short commutes or long drives across the country.

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