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From the monthly archives: February 2017

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Laptop Mounts in Vehicles

Laptop mounts can help provide a safer driving environment for cars, trucks, vans, and RVs. They come with "no-drill" options and multiple mounting solutions. They help provide support for the back by putting the laptop at a more comfortable height, and they are relatively inexpensive. All of this is wonderful, but why do people need them when they should be focusing on the road? 


Mobile Offices

At some point in time, those that have to use a laptop for work have had to pull over to check or verify information they have stored on their laptop. While inconvenient, it doesn't represent a norm in driving, unless you have a mobile office. 

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Window Tinting: Legal or Risky?

What is Legal Window Tinting? 

The laws that regulate window tinting vary from state to state but all states seek to control the amount of light transmittance that a tint has. Light transmittance is the amount of light, or visibility, that a tint allows through and each state determines what that transmittance number is. For example, California state laws have no light transmittance requirements for back and side windows but the front windshield has to have at least a 70% LTV%, or light transmittance value percentage. On the other hand, Kansas has a law that requires front, side and back windows/windshields to have no less than a 35% TLV. Other states, such as New Jersey and Vermont don't allow tinting on the front windshield at all. The only way to be sure of compliance is to check with your local DMV. 

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Your Introduction to Step Bars and Bug Shields

Accessorizing a new car or truck can be extremely fun. However, some of your accessories can provide a more comfortable and much safer ride for all involved. Here are two accessories that can give you a better riding experience for prices that don't break your wallet.

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