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From the monthly archives: April 2022

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Keep Cool This Summer With Car Window Tint

It seems like as soon as the days start to get longer, it’s not long before the insides of our cars start to heat up. This is especially true for drivers with dark interiors, which can absorb the sun’s heat. If your car tends to be hot in the summertime, getting in while wearing shorts can be a miserable experience, especially if you have the misfortune of touching something metal inside your car. If you’re tired of the summertime misery, it might be time to install window tint in your car and turn down the heat.

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6 Must-Have Aftermarket Accessories for Your Commercial Fleet

These days, the automotive industry is undergoing changes so quickly it can be difficult to keep up. This is just as true for aftermarket car interior parts as it is for manufacturer’s original parts. At Mobile Installation, we spend a lot of time talking about the best innovations in aftermarket car interior accessories for passenger cars. But in this post, we’ll talk about accessories that can help your commercial fleet support success for your business. Check out these ideas and then give us a call to schedule your fleet upgrades today!

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8 Ways to Update Your Car's Security System

It goes without saying that a new car needs a good security system. And there once was a time when you really only needed a car alarm on a newer vehicle. But these days, vehicle crime is on the rise, and year, make, and model doesn’t seem to matter much.

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6 Underrated Interior Truck Accessories

Truck owners know there’s nothing like owning a truck. Whether you’re the type of truck owner who hauls dirt bikes in the back or you love to go mudding, your truck is always leading you on the road to adventure. And if you’re looking for ways to maximize your truck driving experience, you need the right aftermarket interior accessories.

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7 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Tires Working for Longer

Tires are expensive. But though you certainly can't avoid purchasing new tires when you need them, you may be able to help them last longer. By maintaining your car tires and using them properly, you can reduce the amount of damage they experience over time.

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Why You Should Get a Security System for Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons, so you want to keep yours as safe as possible. Installing a security system is crucial in your electric car, and Mobile Installation is here to tell you why.

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