Your vehicle is important to you, but without the right care, it can quickly go from the fast lane to the tow lane. To protect your vehicle, it’s important to do your research before you take on any automotive upgrade projects.


Is DIY Worth It?

It may be tempting to try to save a few bucks with a DIY automotive upgrade project, but consider the cost if you mess up. If you have a DIY project you want to do but you aren't sure you can handle the job, it's ok to back away and let the professionals handle it. DIYers can end up spending more on a simple project than necessary because of a lack of knowledge on a particular step, a lack of the proper tools, or buying the wrong parts. 

This can cost you more in the long run and leave you responsible for: 

●        Repairing or replacing shorted or damaged electrical systems.

●        Repairing or replacing damaged car parts.

●        Possibly voiding any manufacturer warranties. 

However, professionals are trained and certified on the correct installation of tow hitches and brakes, stereo systems, speakers, bug shields, step bars, and other accessories. 

On top of the added cost that mistakes can create, if the accessory or DIY job isn't up to state legal standards, you may have to pay tickets and fines. 


Professionals Have Experience

Professionals like the team of experts at Mobile Installation Services have run into all kinds of DIY situations and have repaired or replaced car parts and accessories on a variety of makes and models. They have learned from these experiences and are able to provide their customers with the benefit of their knowledge and quality craftsmanship. 


Let the Professionals Save You Money

Find great pricing with Mobile Installation Specials or read what others have said about the service they received with Jeff at Mobile Installation Services. Trained technicians, quality work, and a job done right the first time provide you with a fast mobile experience that saves you money.


What Can Mobile Installation Services Do For You?  

With decades of experience, our team of professionals can help with multiple jobs. Call Jeff for more information about our services, including:

●        Window Tints

●        Laptop Mounts

●        Remote Starts

●        Back Up Cameras

●        Tonneu Covers

●        Heated Seats

●        Inverters

●        Step Bars

●        DVD Systems

●        Car Audio Amplifiers

●        Car Audio Speakers

●        Cruise Control

●        Tow Hitches and Brakes

●        Bug Shields

●        Car Alarms

Contact Mobile Installation Services to get a fast quote or to find out how our team can help with the installation of a specific accessory or part. 

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