Whether you have decided to buy that new travel trailer, 5th wheel, or have just purchased a utility trailer to use, you will need a towing hitch. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right towing hitch. Different applications and towing conditions need different types of towing hitches. Mobile Installation will help you choose the right towing hitch for your vehicle.


Which Hitch is Right For You?

Before you decide which hitch is right, you need to collect information on the type of vehicle you have. Based on the weight and type of the vehicle, we can determine which towing capability you have and which hitch you need. The classes of vehicles directly relate to the amount of weight the vehicle can tow. Vehicles have different classifications when it comes to towing:

●        Cars

●        Mid size cars and small trucks

●        Minivans and SUVs

●        Full size trucks and utility vehicles.

Once you gather information about your vehicle, you will then need information about the trailer you want to tow. Trailers are put into classes based on weight and number of axles. The following are the classes of trailers and their corresponding weights and purposes.


Trailer Classes:

1.      2,000 lbs, utility

2.      3,500 lbs, utility, boat, small travel trailer

3.      6,000 lbs, travel trailer, distributed

4.      18,000 lbs, large boat and travel trailer, distributed

5.      18,000 lbs, large boat and travel trailer


As you might imagine, it can get quite complicated to determine which tow vehicle uses which hitch. You can even find cases where you will need multiple hitch types based on different applications and weights of trailers. For safe operation of your tow vehicle and trailer, you should always choose the proper hitch for your application. Our experts can help you determine the proper hitch for your trailer and vehicle.


Weight Distributing Hitches

Finding the correct hitch does not stop with determining the amount of weight that your vehicle can tow and matching that to the trailer type you want to pull. Tongue weight of the trailer also needs to be factored in. Class three and class four hitches have a weight distribution option that takes a heavy tongue weight and distributes it across the frame of the trailer. This allows your tow vehicle to pull heavier loads in a safer manner. Our experts can advise you on the need of weight distributing hitches in your application.


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Determining the right hitch for the right application can be quite complicated. The experts we have on staff at Mobile Installation are versed in trailer hitch types and classes. We can get you a safe hitch for your application and install it correctly. For more information, call us at 612-986-3332, or you can message us on our contact page.

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