Tonneau covers are the perfect complement to pickup trucks, thanks to their added security and style. We can help you choose what kind of truck bed cover best suits your needs. Mobile Installation provides a wide range of covers for different truck bed sizes and shapes. We invite you to visit our Minneapolis location to find out more about Tonneau products. If you have any questions, you can also contact us here on our website.


Benefits and Features of Tonneau Covers

We choose Tonneau covers because of their distinctive features and how well they fit your truck. They are a favorite among vehicle owners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Below are some of the benefits that you will particularly love:


Ultimate Protection. Bed covers keep your cargo protected from harsh weather conditions and thieves. Their tough exterior is virtually impenetrable from rain, wind, and UV rays.


Aesthetic. Tonneau covers are as attractive as they are functional. You can choose from a wide array of colors and designs.


Versatile. When the items in your truck are protected, it allows you to take your vehicle wherever you want without losing everything in the back. You can store power tools, small vehicles, furniture, sports equipment - whatever you like.


Opening Styles

You have several different options for choosing the right Tonneau cover for your truck. Below are the main options and their best application.



●        Folding covers use multiple panels formed by stretching vinyl or canvas over metal framing

●        Allows you to quickly access your bed by folding the panels on top of each other

●        Some soft folding tonneaus can fold up against the rear window, providing complete access to the truck bed

●        Most styles have fastening straps so you can drive with the cover partially, or fully open

●        Best for people who need an inexpensive Tonneau that provides quick access to the truck bed and seamless styling


Roll Up

●        A roll-up Tonneau is opened by rolling the cover from the tailgate, to the back of the cab

●        Extremely lightweight design won’t weigh your truck down as much as other covers

●        You can open a roll-up cover as little or as much as you like for fast bed access

●        Best for people who need the most inexpensive Tonneau, full bed access and seamless styling



●        Hinged covers connect at the front of your bed nearest the cab and are opened by tilting the cover up and away from the top of the tailgate

●        Constructed of a large metal frame with either canvas or vinyl stretched over the top

●        Provides a sleek, 1-piece look

●        Best for people who need an inexpensive Tonneau that provides above-average security and seamless styling


Hinged & Roll Up

●        Gives you the best features of hinged and roll-up covers in one nifty package

●        Lifts from the tailgate end of the bed so you can grab your gear fast

●        Rolls all the way up to the rear window, providing you with full access to the truck bed

●        Best for people who can sacrifice security for flexible operation and convenience


Try Tonneau Covers from Mobile Installation

If you’re looking for the best covers in the industry, we recommend installing Tonneau covers for your truck. Mobile Installation offers a wide range of covers to suit any style or size of a truck. Visit our Minneapolis location today to find out more about our truck accessories. You can also call us at 612-986-3332, or you can message us on our contact page.

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