With the rise in auto-related crime, protecting yourself, your family, and your car is more important than ever. With all the added features in vehicles today, you need a security system that is dependable and features lots of options to give you flexibility no matter where you go. Many insurance providers will give you discounts if you install advanced systems. In essence, car alarms will pay for themselves in various ways. Below is a short guide to what you need to know when purchasing a car alarm. If you have any further questions, you can contact Mobile Installation today.


How Do Car Alarms Work?

When you leave the car and push a button on your remote, you have armed an internal security system. You hear your doors lock, and a siren chirp tells you your vehicle is secure. The alarm goes off to warn you when someone has broken into the car or triggered the system. The security system detects the type of warning to give based on the severity of the tampering and the type of sensors the thief trips. When you push the remote again, the alarm ceases. It’s that simple.


Useful Car Alarm Features

Not every feature in a car alarm system is necessary (although they provide some excellent perks). Below are some useful features to look for:


●        Starter Kill Switch. Starter kill prevents your car from being hot-wired.

●        Motion Sensors. If you have a convertible, motion sensors inform you when there is movement inside the cabin. This option allows you to leave the top down.

●        Driver’s Side Only. You can unlock the driver’s side door without unlocking the other doors.

●        Remote Start. Use your remote to start the car and disengage the alarm at the same time.

●        Apps for Your Smart Device. Smartphone apps may be the most practical feature for security systems. No matter where you are, you can monitor your vehicle and be warned of any criminal activity.

●        GPS. GPS is nothing new. GPS in your security system, however, allows you to track your vehicle’s location if a thief should break in and take off.


Skip DIY Installation—Go With Mobile Installation Instead

Yes, it’s possible for you to install a security system in your car all by yourself. There is a remarkable difference, however, between a DIY car alarm install and a professional install, and it could just save your life or protect your car. Mobile Installation technicians have the skill, training, and experience necessary to professionally install our security systems into any make or model vehicle. You never have to worry if your system is going to work when you need it.


Take advantage of our expertise and get our system professionally installed. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 612-986-3332, or you can message us on our contact page. We are your preferred car alarm company in the Twin Cities Metro area.

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