For some, their step bar is a necessity; for others, it’s a well-loved convenience. If you’re reading this blog post, you might be wondering which category you fall into. Should you invest in a step bar? How big of a difference does one little step actually make?


It makes quite a big one, in fact, and that’s why there are so many step bars used as postmarket upgrades today. Mobile Installation is here to explain the times when you may need a step bar, being out of convenience or outright necessity, because in the former case, it might not be so obvious.

Step Bars as a Necessity

There are many people, of course, who use step bars, tonneau covers, and other such upgrades for their work. Those in agriculture, equine work, mechanics, and other highly physical jobs need a step bar to preserve their health and maintain their employment. In these cases, a step bar is basically a prerequisite for the job.


On the subject of health, those who have a large truck, but also suffer from mobility-related problems, might also fall in the “needs a step bar” category. Whether it’s age related—like rheumatoid arthritis—or a lifelong disability, a step bar makes getting into a taller vehicle not only easier but possible.

Step Bars as a Convenience

Even if you don’t need one, per se, there are many circumstances outside of necessity in which step bars prove themselves useful. For example, if you’ve just upgraded the wheels of your fancy new pickup to a larger size, actually getting in can be a pain, especially when carrying heavy loads like groceries. A step bar mitigates this problem.


The children in your life will also benefit from a step bar. While it’s a well-known fact that kids are sometimes scarily agile, smaller toddlers will have problems getting into a taller vehicle on their own. Burdened by a burgeoning sense of independence, your toddler will often demand to load into the car themselves; a step bar fosters self-efficacy and avoids a tantrum while doing it.

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