It’s only December, but we’ve already been hit with some frigid weather and snow this season in the Twin Cities area, and it looks like there’s plenty of snow on the horizon this year. We’ve all suffered the misery of waiting for our cars to warm up or scraping off windshield ice in the bitter winter wind before our coffee has had a chance to kick in. But running outside to warm up the car is a hassle in and of itself. If you’re tired of the cold day scramble to warm up your car, perhaps it’s time for a change.

 At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we specialize in providing Twin Cities residents with top-quality aftermarket vehicle products. In this article, we’ll talk about how remote start can save the day when it’s bitterly cold outside this year.


Remote Start is a Gamechanger

With remote start, gone are the days of running outdoors in your slippers before you’re ready to leave just so you have plenty of time to warm up the car. With just one button push, your car will be well on its way to warmth and comfort.

 By the time you’re ready to go, your car will be all warmed up. This is especially important for families with individuals who may be more affected by freezing temperatures like elderly parents or young children. Installing a remote start in your vehicle will make the ride more tolerable and keep everyone warm and comfy for the ride.


Staying Safe While Shopping

Like most Twin Cities residents, chances are high that you’ve been doing your share of holiday shopping this month. Even when we’re careful, large parking garages and parking lots can be spots of vulnerability when it comes to personal safety. This is especially true if you forget where you park. Remote start helps you find your car quickly so you stay safer while you’re out and about.

 Here are a few more features available with our Compustar Remote Start System:


●        Three-mile range

●        Three-year remote warranty

●        USB-rechargeable battery

●        Optional security alerts

●        Waterproof casing


Minnesota Aftermarket Remote Start Installation from Mobile Installation

Installing remote start in your vehicle is about much more than convenience. It’s also about keeping your family safe and secure. At Mobile Installation, we love helping Twin Cities drivers enjoy a safer, more comfortable ride. To schedule your remote start installation, speak with a member of our Twin Cities aftermarket installation team about our remote start options. You can give us a call at 612-986-3332, or contact us online to get a free quote.

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