With the stress of the holidays barely in the rearview mirror, the hectic traffic they bring is still fresh in most of our minds. If you’ve ever gone through the nerve-racking experience of backing out in a busy parking lot during the Christmas shopping season, you know why a backup camera is handy.


If you’re thinking of having an aftermarket backup camera added onto your vehicle, our team at Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park can help. We offer backup cameras for a wide range of cars, trucks, and vans. In this blog entry, we’ll discuss the benefits of adding a backup camera for your car.

Surprising Facts About Backup Cameras

Backing up is one of the most dangerous activities drivers engage in and is linked to collisions, fatalities, and parking lot injuries. For elderly drivers and drivers with limited vision or mobility, this risk is increased.


Although the data is still pretty fresh on the safety factor provided by backup cameras, researchers have already gathered a few statistics. Studies have shown that backup cameras benefit the safety of everyone on the road, which includes passengers, drivers, drivers of other vehicles, and pedestrians.


Backup cameras were linked to the following benefits:


●        Fewer backup injuries

●        Fewer collisions

●        Reduced bodily injury in wrecks

●        Reduced fatalities

●        Fewer backover crashes involving children

How a Backup Camera Helps Drivers

Drivers are often surprised at how dramatically a backup camera can improve their driving experience. Almost all users described their backup camera interfaces as simple to work with. Drivers love the increased visibility they get when they’re in spaces where it can be difficult to see.


Backup cameras make driving in reverse safer while warning drivers of impending collisions while driving in traffic. In fact, they’re so effective that by law, all new vehicles have to include backup cameras in the United States. However, if you drive a vehicle that doesn’t have one, we may be able to get you up to speed.

Twin Cities Backup Camera Installation for Your Vehicle

If you drive a vehicle without a backup camera, check to see if we have one available to fit your vehicle. At Mobile Installation, we offer a wide range of aftermarket solutions to simplify your driving experience, which includes heated seats, DVD systems, and car audio solutions.


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