There’s nothing quite like a family vacation in an RV, setting a course for adventure on the open road. Every RV road tripper has their own checklist of things to prepare before setting out on their trip from stocking the cabinets to checking their propane. While you’re putting together your to-do list for your next Winnebago adventure, don’t forget to update your RV’s aftermarket car interior accessories.

In this post from Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we’re sharing our favorite RV upgrades to consider before taking off for your vacation this summer. Give us a call to schedule your convenient aftermarket accessories installation today!

1.   Backup Camera

Of all the items on our list, this is perhaps the most important. A backup camera is a must for every RV. If you don’t already have one, experts recommend having one installed right away. Backing up in an RV can be more than just a frustration. It can also be a serious safety concern. You’ll feel safer and more secure backing out of driveways and into campsites with the complete view you can only get from a backup camera.

2.   Window Tint

The windows in the back of an RV can be pretty large, and all of that solar energy can take its toll on your furnishings if you leave the blinds or curtains open while you’re driving. Solar radiation can also be harmful for your passengers over time. If your window tint is not effectively blocking the sun, be sure to have it upgraded before you take off for this year’s vacation.

3.   Hands-Free Communication

If you haven’t had Bluetooth installed in your RV, you need it. Hands-free communication allows you to check your GPS without having to look at a screen while you’re trying to drive. It’s also a great way to listen to your favorite podcast while you’re stuck on those long drives as well as a safer way to accept a phone call if necessary.

4.   Awning LED Lights

If you plan to spend much time hanging out under your awning, why not complete the experience with the festive flair of LED lights? LED lights give your camper its own unique character, add a fun ambiance to your campsite experience, and make your RV easier to identify as you’re making your way back to the camper from the pool or showers.

Brooklyn Park Window Tint and More

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