Everyone has their own personal reasons for investing in a great sound system for their car, pickup truck, or RV. Maybe you’re an audiophile who loves nothing more than a well-curated vinyl collection, and you’re looking for the purest possible sound experience whether you’re home or on the road. Or maybe you just want to crank up Katy Perry when you’re stuck in the Twin Cities morning commute because baby, you’re a firework.

No matter what your reason for turning on the radio, adding a subwoofer will completely transform your listening experience. In this post from Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we’re breaking down all of the top reasons to invest in subwoofer installation services. When you’re ready to elevate your car audio system, give us a call!

How Subwoofers Improve Fidelity

Whether you’re a professional musician, audio expert, or a complete newbie to the setup of a professional audio system, a subwoofer can revolutionize your sound experience. A subwoofer is able to handle lower frequency sounds that don’t come through a standard audio speaker.

Think about some of the lower sounds you hear when you’re at the theater watching an action movie. These low-frequency sounds fall at or below 40-50 Hz and are commonly found in many types of music, especially hip-hop.

1.    Reproduce sound as it was originally recorded.

Have you ever noticed that a song can sound completely different when listened to with an expensive set of headphones? That’s because some speakers and headphones aren’t capable of playing low-frequency sounds. Listening to a song without them is like looking at a puzzle with missing pieces.

Without a subwoofer, your system won’t replicate the complete sound of an original recording. And it’s not just the bass you’re missing. A subwoofer can allow you to experience with crystal detail every deep bass voice, pipe organ sounds, bass guitars, and other effects that add to the audio experience.

2.    Experience a greater fullness of sound with less distortion.

There’s nothing quite like cranking up the volume on your favorite Outkast song only to end up cringing at the distortion. With a high-performance subwoofer and professional audio system, you’ll experience a richer, fuller sound without any distortion in the lower registers.

3.    Overcome road noise.

We’ve all been there. You’re rocking out to Dr. Dre or Metallica and the sound is absolutely perfect, but then you get on the highway and the whole balance is thrown off. A subwoofer can be the missing ingredient that gives you consistent sound over road noise so your perfect playlist gets the volume and clarity it deserves no matter how loud traffic is that day.

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What’s on your playlist? Whether it’s Rage Against the Machine, Pink Floyd, or ABBA, a subwoofer will completely elevate your car audio experience. To check out our work, stop by our online gallery. Then call to schedule your subwoofer installation at 612-986-3332 or get a free quote online.

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