There’s nothing quite like the excitement you get the first time you ride a Harley, the feel of the road underneath you as you barrel down the highway, wind in your face. But if your adventures need a good soundtrack, you’ll need a high-performance motorcycle audio system to overcome that signature Harley purr. But unfortunately, most Harleys come with a stereo that’s sorely lacking in bass and audio output.

At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, our audio technicians can customize a sound system that brings your ride to the next level. Follow these tips from the aftermarket car interior pros at Mobile Installation to get the audio system your bike deserves.

1.   Replace the Receiver

A good source unit is at the heart of every stereo system. You’ll need a good unit that’s durable enough to withstand dirt and light rain. Some of the best manufacturers create source units custom for Harley-Davidson bikes, including Rockford Fosgate. For most Harley-Davidsons built from 1998 to 2013, the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 offers high-quality sound, an ultra-bright display, day and night modes, and easy-to-use oversized buttons.

2.   Upgrade Your Speakers

Good speakers are essential to any audio system whether they’re car audio speakers or the speakers in your home surround sound. But they’re even more important than ever on a motorcycle, where your playlist is competing with the sound of cars, your engine, and the vibration of your bike. Rockford Fosgate speakers are manufactured to give your sound the power and clarity of high-end car audio speakers.

3.   Add Amplifiers

If you plan to crank up the sound, you’ll need good amps. To get the best sound system for your motorcycle, a Rockford Fosgate amp can boost your sound and give you the clarity you need when you’re riding your Harley at high speeds. You’ll need an efficient amp that won’t overload your bike’s system and offers high performance without taking up too much space.

Customizing Your Harley’s Sound System

The car audio speaker installation pros at Mobile Installation can help you customize a system that will elevate your ride to the next level. Whether your perfect playlist is made of 90s R&B, rockabilly, or Mozart, it deserves a sound system that’s worthy of your great tunes.

Besides motorcycle audio solutions and aftermarket car interior accessories, we offer a complete range of accessories for Harleys. From car alarms to LED lights, we’ve got you covered at Mobile Installation.

Stop by our online gallery to find out why Harley riders are raving about our accessories and then call us at 612-986-3332 for a free quote on your installation today. We can’t wait to help you max out your ride this summer!

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