Truck owners know there’s nothing like owning a truck. Whether you’re the type of truck owner who hauls dirt bikes in the back or you love to go mudding, your truck is always leading you on the road to adventure. And if you’re looking for ways to maximize your truck driving experience, you need the right aftermarket interior accessories.

At Mobile Installation Services in Brooklyn Park, we’re here to help you max out your ride no matter what you use your truck for. In this post, we’re breaking down some of the top underrated interior truck accessories and why we love them. Give us a call to get your aftermarket car accessories installed today!

1. Custom Upholstery

Unlike pretty sportscars, trucks are made for rugged adventures and everyday life. You need an interior that’s ready-made for everything you have to throw at it from dirt to long days in the sun.

People tend to think of leather in terms of aesthetics, but there’s a reason it was so widely used in the wild west. Leather seats look just as incredible in trucks as they do in sportscars, and they protect your truck’s interior against everything from canine passengers to muddy kid feet.

2. WeatherTech Custom Floor Mats

Although WeatherTech floor mats can be customized for any vehicle, they’re perfect for trucks and they’ll be your best friend next winter. These hard-working, all-weather floor mats are designed to trap everything from water and mud to road salt.

Anti-skid ridges underneath help keep them from sliding around. Designed using an advanced compound that’s 100% recyclable, these mats come with a limited lifetime warranty and can be easily cleaned by simply hitting them with a burst of water.

3. Heated Seats

Once thought of more as a luxury item, heated seats are a must for anyone who drives in Minnesota’s cold winter weather. All of our heated seats are backed with a three-year warranty and come with a universal design that works with all types of interiors. Get warm faster with five-position thumb control and rapid heat-up time that heats up in less than a minute.

And heated seats aren’t just for winter. Back pain sufferers and drivers with long commutes swear by heated truck seats.

4. Power Inverter

Another accessory that is considered underrated is vehicle inverters. If you like to spend time off-road with activities like camping, or if you use the space in your vehicle for other items like cooking, an inverter may be the accessory you need.

These devices are built to convert your battery's current into an alternating current which would be similar to outlets that you have in your home. This means that you are going to be able to plug in more devices and be able to use more items in your vehicle that you enjoy.

5. Laptop Mount

If you are constantly on the go due to your job and your truck has become a workspace, a laptop mount could be an excellent investment to offer a stable and safe place to utilize your computer. This means that any parking area can become a mobile office, saving you time and creating more efficiency in your workday.

There are various options available on the market to help enhance your truck's interior and your work schedule at the same time so contact us for an appointment.

6. Rear Seat Entertainment

When you think of installing a DVD system or other rear seat entertainment tech in your vehicle, a carload of children might come to mind to keep them entertained, but these systems can actually offer more than just keeping the kids distracted.

If you already have GPS installed in your vehicle, the DVD screen can help work as a navigational aid to get you to the location you need to go. Having a larger screen can make it easier to see the directions, which means less distraction from using a handheld device.

Installing a system like this can be a helpful addition to your truck, and we are here to help, so call us today if you have any questions.

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