By installing a bug deflector, Minneapolis drives can avoid windshield problems such as bug splats. A grill guard will also help to deflect rocks that are kicked up by a car or truck in front of you. What this means for most drives is a huge reduction in the potential risk for windshield damage. In short, avoid chips and cracks in your windshield by having a grill guard installed.

Another good reason to think about a bug shield in Minneapolis is that it will save your paint job. All those little rocks, bugs, and other flying objects kicked up by cars on the road take their toll on your car's paint job. Mobile install makes it easy for you to save the paint job on your car and reduce the damage that driving can have on your windshield.

Mobile Install Services LLC provides services to Minneapolis and the surrounding communities including St Paul. We make it easy to upgrade your car without the expense of buying a new vehicle. Upgrade your car stereo, install an alarm or even a full gaming system. If you have tech needs for your vehicle, then we have tech products that will meet those needs. Bump up the volume with a full install of audio, visual and security. 

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