After months of social distancing, the world is starting to open back up again, and after spending so much time cooped up in our homes, we’re ready. Now that we’ve all caught up on our Netflix queues and perfected our baking skills while keeping ourselves and our communities safe, it’s time to start having summer fun. And what better way to have fun is there than by planning a road trip?

Whether your idea of a road trip is a great American adventure across the country or you’re just looking forward to spending the weekend on the lake, the ride there is half the fun. Before you start loading up the luggage racks this year, consider installing a power inverter in your car or RV. Here’s why our Mobile Installation aftermarket parts pros in Brooklyn Park recommend installing a power inverter before you hit the road this summer.

How a Power Inverter Works

There’s a reason you can’t usually plug most household electronics into a car. This is because cars and homes run on different types of power. The power you use at home is known as AC or “alternating current” power, while the power your car uses is called “direct current” power.

To make AC voltage devices compatible with your car or motorhome, you’ll need to have a power inverter installed in your ride. With a power inverter, you can use almost any smaller household device in your vehicle.

Here are a few ways an inverter can improve your road trip:

1.   Work from the Road

One of the most common reasons drivers install power inverters is so they can use laptops when they need them. With a power inverter, you can plug in your laptop and have it handy if you work remotely or if you need to send off a quick email while you’re traveling.

2.   Make Camping More Fun

If you love camping but you also love your creature comforts, having a power inverter gives you the best of both worlds. Brew a small coffee pot at your campsite or charge your digital camera.

3.   Entertain the Kids

If you don’t have a DVD player installed in your vehicle, a power inverter gives you the ability to plug in small devices to keep the kids occupied while you’re traveling.

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