Inverters work off of a DC power source in your car.  The converter transforms the DC power into AC power. This type of conversion turns your DC power source into a standard outlet for your car. It allows you to power up all kinds of devices you would usually plug into a car.


Best of all, the DC power inverter provides the converted power without draining your car’s battery. The inverter increases the signal strength to your devices such as a computer or other item that would typically require more power.

Devices That you Can use With your Power Inverter

With power inverters, you have the flexibility you need to power up almost any device. You can install an inverter for personal use or your company vehicle. They’re perfect for truck drivers, law enforcement, limo drivers, or any business vehicle where a power inverter is needed. Examples of electronic devices you may use in the car include:


●        Televisions

●        DVD and Blu-ray players

●        Game systems

●        Catalytic heaters

●        Cooking equipment

●        Power tools

Car Inverter Options:

We carry two main types of car inverters:


1.      Modified sine wave. Produce a modified sine wave that will accommodate most consumer electronics, so they work well in a lot of different applications.

2.      Pure sine wave. Produce a sine wave that is more similar to a wall outlet. Most consumer electronics will work with a pure sine wave. We can test it with any electronics you want to use.

The Inverter Installation Process


The cigarette lighter or 12v accessory socket provides the easiest access to your power. However, there are limits to this type of hookup. There are other options such as hooking the inverter up to the fuse panel or directly to your car battery.


When you bring your car to Mobile Installation, we can assess your vehicle’s electronic system and determine the safest and most powerful way to integrate the inverter into your car.

Power Inverter Limitations

Keep in mind that a car inverter can only handle so many electronic devices at a time. In most cases, inverters are limited to a five or ten amp draw. In heavier duty applications, we’ll need to connect the inverter to the fuse panel or directly to the battery.


The kind of inverter you get and how we connect it will largely depend on your needs. The most powerful inverters in the industry, however, still have limitations that keep them from effectively powering up multiple devices.


For instance, if three passengers are using high-end computers at the same time, you may notice that the inverter is not providing adequate power. Speak with a Mobile Installation technician to find out the best options for your car and your needs.

Professional Inverter Installation from Mobile Installation

If you would like to add more power to your car, we have the solution for you. Mobile Installation Services can install car inverters in cars, trucks, and SUVs. No matter what type of vehicle you have, there’s an inverter that will work in it.


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