Drive more comfortably this winter with custom heated car seats from Mobile Installation. We install car seats for cars, trucks, and SUV in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Heated seats offer quick comfort for any driver or passenger while the car is warming up. Our technicians are here to keep your safe and warm during the freezing Minnesota winters. We offer high-quality heated seat upgrades even if your car doesn’t already have a heating system.


To find out more about our heated seat products, call us at 612-986-3332.

Stylish Heated Seats for Any Vehicle

Drive in the cold winter with style by upgrading to heated seats. Your new seat will provide warmth and give your car interior a stylish edge. You can choose the right heated seats that will accident your vehicle.


Our premier heated seats add a tasteful design while maintaining a nice warm temperature that you will appreciate on your way to work, home, school, or where you want to go. We can order and install your custom seats, or you can choose from our in-store products.

Easy Heated Seat Installation

When you bring your car to Mobile Installation, we can go over the installation process so that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect.


A Mobile Installation technician can assess your car’s design and electrical system to determine how we need to connect the seats for optimal use. We will go over pricing and installation procedures, as well as how to operate the heated seats.


We can also help you remove the heated system once the temperature warms back up during the spring. Mobile Installation is here to serve you and make sure the installation process goes as expected. We install all heated systems on-site, where have the right tools and experts who can get to the work right away. Feel free to call us and schedule installation if you prefer.

Features and Benefits of Heated Seats

We feature advanced, high-end car seats that you can depend on to work during the winter. The features and benefits of our seats include:


●        Universal application

●        Automatically monitors and maintains heated comfort

●        Advanced heating technology

●        High and low heating options

●        Meets all OEM safety standards

●        Dual heating units available


Our heating technology is the most advanced on the market today. The heating design provides balanced heat distribution between the bottom cushion and the backrest. You feel comfort from top to bottom. We install the seats to meet OEM quality and safety standards.

Seats Heat Faster Than Your Car

When you turn on your car in the winter, it may take it a few minutes to heat up. However, you don’t have to suffer through the cold while you wait. Just power up your heated seats and enjoy instant warm. Heated seats are a great way to supplement your vehicle’s heating system.


You can adjust the heat levels just the way you want them. Options allow you to adjust the temperature to suit your body chemistry. Turn them on only when you need them or keep them on during your entire drive. You can depend on the heated seats to work whenever you need ultimate comfort.

Heated Seats for Your Car In Minneapolis

Mobile Installation Services offers a wide range of interior and exterior products to accent your drive. We guarantee all our products as well as custom installation for all types of cars in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


To find out more about our products and installation services, visit our Brooklyn Park location. You can also call us at 612-986-3332, or you can message us on our contact page.

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