When most people think of wheel upgrades, they think of new rims—that is, those silver bits on the inside of the tire that rotate as your car moves. It’s generally seen as just an aesthetic upgrade. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve the look of your car (in fact, it’s a great way to bring more satisfaction to the driving experience), upgrading your wheels can be great from the economical side of things too, just as much as more “practical” , such as tonneau covers or remote start technologies.


Below, Mobile Installation, a Brooklyn Park post-market installer of everything from car alarms to step bars, discusses what a new pair of wheels can do for everything from your safety to your car’s handling.

One of the Most Practical Upgrades Around

Sure, a brand new set of wheels might look sweet, but professional installation of those wheels can do everything from keeping you safe on the roads to making your car cheaper to drive. How?


●        Regularly replaced wheels prevent hydroplaning. Hydroplaning happens when the rapid rotation of your wheels picks up excess water and is unable to scatter it. The result is a layer of water between your tire and the road, which means you have no traction; in other words, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Bald tires (tires that have been worn down) have shallower grooves, meaning they’re unable to scatter as much water and are more prone to hydroplaning. Replacing your wheels regularly mitigates this hazard.

●        Professionally replaced wheels improve your car’s handling. You may have seen giant pickups coasting by on enormous, obviously upgraded wheels. While this may look cool, it isn’t practical. Upgrading your wheels to too large a size actually promotes hydroplaning, as well as makes for a bumpy ride; in contrast, a slight decrease in the height of your tire can let you feel the road better, depending on the model. Professionals like those at Mobile Installation will be able to tell you the right make for your car to best improve its handling. Passenger cars have different requirements than larger vehicles!

●        Different treads perform differently. Tires come in all shapes and sizes of treads, from asymmetrical to symmetrical to directional/asymmetrical. All these trads perform differently and are better for certain seasons more so than others. Upgrading your wheels ensures that your car performs the best it can for your individual needs as a driver.

For Wheel Upgrades, Always Contact a Professional

Never try to upgrade your tires yourself. This can cause anything from suspension damage to a lopsided vehicle! Always consult with the professionals at Mobile Installation. To find out more about our products and installation services, visit our Brooklyn Park location. You can also call us at 612-986-3332, or you can send a message to contact page.

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