Is there anything more fun than the thrill of taking your ATV out? In a world where it seems like everyone is constantly looking at a screen, they are a great way to get in touch with nature and it’s fun to make them your own with custom wheels and sound systems. Whether you love riding ATVs with friends or ATV weekends are your favorite family adventure, they beat scrolling the Internet or camping out in front of the TV any day.

If you love making the most of our ATV time but the only thing missing is your favorite adventure playlist, it’s time to install or upgrade your ATV speaker system. In this post from Mobile Installation Services in Brooklyn Park, MN, we’ll share everything you need to know about choosing an ATV speaker system for your ATV or UTV.

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How Music Enhances Your Fun

When you’re out having a good time making memories to last a lifetime, it’s always better with the perfect soundtrack.

Here are a few more of our favorite reasons to ride ATVs:

●          They’re an affordable way to entertain the family.

●          ATV riding is more interactive and less expensive than a lot of vacations.

●          ATVs add extra fun to any camping trip.

●          They’re a great way to explore nature.

●          It’s time spent together as a family.

Building Your ATV Sound System

When it comes to building a sound system, you want a professional installation that can help you design the perfect match for your ride, and here are just a few items to create the perfect system.

ATV Speakers Designed for Bumpy Terrain

Your ATV offers a fun and exciting riding experience with the trails, dirt, mud, and other elements you can explore. Speakers that are designed for your ATV are built to withstand these forms of environments so you don’t have to worry about damage or not having your music to enjoy while you ride.

You know that you want to make sure you have speakers that can hold up against the rockiest of terrains while at the same time offering premium sound quality. Mobile Install offers speakers from leading manufacturers that are water-resistant and can be mounted on the front or rear rack. Plus, they only need to be connected to the power source, and they are ready to go.

ATV speakers are typically available in pairs or sets of four depending on how big you want your sound to be. In addition, we use water-resistant wiring with all our ATV components and we know what it takes to have a speaker that will be durable enough to be mounted on an ATV that can still offer you the sound quality you love.

Bluetooth Receiver & Aux Input

Mobile Installation Services offers the highest quality head units that provide both water and UV resistance while at the same time offering Bluetooth that can be connected to your Android or Apple CarPlay. We will make sure to help you find a unit that is suited for your lifestyle and then match that to your ATV.


If hard-hitting bass is your thing, then a subwoofer makes a great addition to your ATV sound system. we carry products that offer performance and power it could be custom built to match your ATV


If you are looking for more power Mobile Installation also carries the highest quality amplifiers on the market to give you the volume and power you're looking for. We have water-resistant models that will run efficiently in any environment to keep your music rocking while you are enjoying your ride.

Wire and Cables

If you are not using the highest quality wires and cable on your ATV, this could lead to various issues like corrosion or even causing catching issues with the custom leather seat covers if not properly installed. We know how crucial these components are so we only offer the highest quality options on the market.


If you want to make your ATV stand out, we also offer lighting installation. The lighting can also be a great addition for anyone who likes to do their riding at night.

We provide lighting systems that are functional and safe for when you are out in the forest or desert and they help with tasks like reading maps or doing jobs. The lights can be used as accents or integrated through the ATV on areas like your trim ring for your speakers.

Mobile Install: Your Minnesota Source for ATV and Car Audio Speakers

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