Anyone who has been driving for a few decades can tell you car audio systems have come a long way over the years. It’s hard to believe there was once a time when cassette players were the latest audio technology. Today’s audio systems are more customizable than ever with everything from advanced car audio amplifiers to DVD systems that connect to your speakers.

One of the most exciting innovations is the advent of Bluetooth-enabled technology that allows drivers to access their phones hands-free. In this post from Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we’ll talk about some of the ways your Bluetooth can make life easier while you’re out on the road.

Introduction to Bluetooth

If you’re unfamiliar with Bluetooth technology, you’re in for a treat. Bluetooth technology refers to hands-free communication between devices. With Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to another device like your computer, television, or in this case, a car stereo. Bluetooth works using short-range wireless communication that allows devices to share data.

Although hands-free calling is one of the most common uses of Bluetooth technology, there are actually a number of useful applications for drivers:

Listen to Podcasts and Music

Also known as Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, think of audio streaming with Bluetooth like an invisible audio cable connecting your phone to your car stereo. With Bluetooth audio streaming, you can connect your playlists from streaming services like YouTube Music, Pandora, and Shoutcast. Listen to your favorite murder mystery podcast or rock out to your personalized highway playlist. You can also play downloaded music from your phone with Bluetooth.

Lower Your Risks Behind the Wheel

For most people, it is almost impossible to not use their phone while driving, and if this is the case for you, a Bluetooth system can help. It's no secret that using the phone while driving can increase the chance of accidents, but a Bluetooth system in your car allows you to stay focused on the road while enjoying your car audio speakers or handling any personal or business matters.

Decrease Clutter in Your Vehicle

If you are still using wired headphones while driving, Bluetooth can help with this. It makes it much easier to use your phone features without needing wires that can clutter up the vehicle upholstery and interior of the car. In addition, it is also safer because you don't have to worry about getting tangled in any of the cables while driving.

Utilize a Voice Assistant

Bluetooth not only adds convenience in your home but in your car by being able to utilize voice assistance technology. This means that if you need to check the weather of the destination you are heading to or get other information, you can prompt the assistant to get that for you without removing your hands from the wheel.

Use Less Power

Another thing that makes Bluetooth a great option is that it uses minimal amounts of power, which means less battery drained from your smartphone. It also means that your device will work more efficiently because the Bluetooth system won't overuse the battery level.

Allow Riders to Connect

Bluetooth not only comes in handy for the driver but the passengers because it allows for them to tether data and connect. In the situation where you're the only one that has mobile Internet, with the push of a button, your car can turn into a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be shared for others to use.

In addition to this, it is crucial to choose items like heated seats that can offer more ease for the driver, and with Bluetooth adding so many benefits and being an inexpensive option, it is a great choice.

Get Directions

Gone are the days of having to take your eyes off the road to look at a map. With GPS services and map applications like Google maps, you can get directions through your car audio speakers. Many GPS programs will also reroute you based on traffic and alert you to detours.

Send Hands-Free Messages

Texting while driving is never a good idea. But sometimes emergencies come up, and what you never want to do is have to take your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road even for a second. If you’re unable to pick up the phone, you can send a text message via Bluetooth with many smartphones. Better yet, use your phone’s voice assistant to switch over to “Do Not Disturb” while driving.

Work With Your Local Experts to Connect Bluetooth in Your Car

If you’re ready to take advantage of Bluetooth technology, give us a call at Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN. You’ll love the freedom that comes with hands-free technology. With Christmas right around the corner, Bluetooth technology makes the perfect holiday gift for spouses and teen drivers alike.

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