It’s getting close to spring again, which means it’s time for many teenagers to start learning to drive. For nervous parents, this can be a difficult period of adjustment.

As parents, we want to do everything we can to keep our children safe. It’s only natural that we should worry about them when they first get their driver’s licenses and exercise their independence. Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to help keep them safer while they’re out on the road.

In this blog post from Mobile Installation Services in Brooklyn Park, we’ll talk about how backup cameras can keep your teen drivers safe. Give us a call to schedule your backup camera installation!

Backup Cameras Offer Many Benefits for Drivers, Especially Teens

It’s important to remember that your teen driver is probably just as nervous as their parents are at first. They’re still learning and becoming familiar with the process of driving, and they have to think about every little thing. Details that adults take for granted after years of driving can require a good deal of focus from teen drivers.

Many newer vehicles come equipped with backup cameras. While backup cameras may seem like an added luxury for experienced drivers, they are fast becoming the industry standard. If your teen driver is starting out on an older model vehicle, they could be missing out on a valuable piece of safety equipment.

Here are a few more reasons teen drivers should have a backup camera:

1. Increase Their Range of View

Parking and backing up in a parking lot are two of the most difficult activities to learn, second only to parallel parking for many drivers on the emotional pressure level. When teen drivers are in a crowded parking lot, it can be even more difficult to back out because they can’t see very far. A backup camera expands their range of vision, giving them more time to back up.

2. Cut Down on Your Insurance Premiums

If you have a teenager who has recently been added to your insurance, you may have found that it has risen due to then being a new driver. Another benefit that a backup camera could offer is that it can potentially lower the insurance rates on your premium because it assists the driver with awareness of their surroundings and prevents them from having an accident.

3. Prevent Costly Accidents

Driver assistance technologies are growing in popularity because they reduce the number of accidents that can occur with drivers. There are situations where a pedestrian may be passing behind the back of the car, or there could be something behind the vehicle that was placed there without the driver knowing it, and the camera will help them identify it to avoid having a collision.

4. Parallel Park Like a Pro

Even the most experienced adults may have difficulties from time to time with parallel parking, and for a new driver, this can be a problematic area. The backup camera can help the driver know that they are making all the correct moves to get the vehicle into the chosen spot and prevent issues like damaged wheels.

5. Reduce Stress Levels

Getting on the road by themselves can be an incredibly stressful experience for new drivers. So, whether they have realized that they are in the wrong lane at the last minute or are trying to navigate into oncoming traffic when in reverse, these scenarios can create a deep state of stress, making them more prone to having an accident.

Having any form of technology that reduces stress like heated seats or a backup camera helps make reversing in traffic a more manageable process, and it helps to gauge the safety of the area around them. This way, they will be less stressed and know that they can safely navigate the vehicle through traffic without a collision.

6. Help Manage Unexpected Variables

It’s not only the amount of traffic that can lead to parking lot incidents. Teen drivers often have to mitigate chaotic scenarios in school parking lots where pedestrians are all over the place, often not looking where they’re going. With everything on their teenage minds, a backup camera gives them a clear line of sight, bringing everything into focus.

7. Make Driveways Safer

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of families, backing up any time of day can be a nightmare for teens. Young children at play aren’t thinking about cars backing out of driveways as they zoom by on their scooters or bikes. Having a backup camera keeps everyone safer.

Protect Your Teen Driver With Security Upgrades From Mobile Installation Services

In addition to backup cameras, our aftermarket car interior pros at Mobile Installation offer a wide range of products to keep your teen driver and everyone around them safe. From hands-free technology to a car alarm, we’ve got you and your teen driver covered.

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