You may not be familiar with the term “car telematics.” But you’re probably already familiar with the concept if you’ve ever used GPS in a car.

Over the past few years, this field of technology has been changing everything about the traditional driving experience by making it safer. Car telematics is a technology that combines GPS and satellite technology with innovations in transportation. This field offers a wide range of benefits by integrating navigation, communication, and safety features into your car’s dashboard.

In this post from our Brooklyn Park aftermarket car interior team at Mobile Installation, we’re discussing how DroneMobile improves your driving experience with car telematics. Give us a call to get DroneMobile installed in your ride today!

Understanding Telematics

Think of the field of telematics as combining computer technology and telecommunications. These technological tools collect and then transmit data about a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.

These are a few types of data telematics technology captures:

●        Maintenance requirements

●        GPS locations

●        Driver behavior

How DroneMobile Works

DroneMobile uses the digital network, a smartphone, and DroneMobile hardware to give drivers control of their vehicles. DroneMobile technology makes driving more convenient, more secure, and more comfortable using smart vehicle control.

Here are just a few things you can do with DroneMobile installed in your ride:

●        Remote Start: Simplify your morning routine by controlling your remote start from your phone. Smartphone technology allows you to control your vehicle from anywhere with unlimited range.

●        Connect With Multiple Devices: DroneMobile connects to a wide range of devices in addition to your phone. Use your desktop computer, tablet, or smart watch to conveniently connect with your ride.

●        Locate Your Vehicle: Use your DroneMobile system to track your car, instantly accessing its location even if it’s been stolen.

●        Improve Family Security: Receive alerts when your vehicle approaches a point of interest or enters or exits a specified geofence area. Share GPS tracking with family members, receive notification when your vehicle exceeds a certain speed, and get notified if your car is driven outside of a curfew window.

●        Customize Your Security Alerts: Use Drone hardware to get instant notifications of car alarm alerts or when your engine turns on or off.

●        Get Maintenance Reminders: Connect with your monitor to check engine codes without ever lifting the hood, and get notified when your car is due for an oil change. DroneMobile even includes battery voltage monitoring so you’re never stuck on the roadside!

Take Your Brooklyn Park Remote Start to the Next Level

When it comes to safety on the road, there’s no doubt that DroneMobile is a gamechanger. For parents of teen or elderly drivers, DroneMobile means peace of mind. For fleet management, DroneMobile protects your investment giving you real-time driver data. And for individual drivers, it gives you the peace of mind to know you’re safer whether you’re behind the wheel or away from your ride.

To schedule your DroneMobile Installation, give us a call at 612-986-3332 for installation delivery. Or get a free quote online to learn more about remote start and car alarm options for your ride!

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