If you’re in charge of a vehicle fleet, you already fully understand the need for safety while out on the road. No matter how well you train your drivers, you can’t control everything. Sometimes, safety issues arise that no one could have foreseen. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to protect your commercial drivers and fleet vehicles while they’re out on the road.

Fortunately, automotive technology has come a long way over the years, and there are more vehicle safety innovations today than ever before in history. In this blog post from Mobile Installation Services in Brooklyn Park, MN, we’ll share ideas for protecting your fleet to help reduce collisions and theft. Give us a call to schedule aftermarket car interior accessories for your fleet today.

1.   Hands-Free Communication

One of the main dangers for fleets comes from distracted driving. Installing hands-free communication in your vehicles allows your drivers to focus on the road while staying in contact with anyone they need to connect with. Bluetooth communication allows drivers to communicate via voice commands. Without taking their hands off the wheel, drivers can send a text message, take a phone call, and use GPS technology to follow directions.

2.   Car Alarm Systems

Losing a car to theft is bad no matter what the circumstances are. But losing a company vehicle can mean loss of important property and intellectual materials that can’t always be recovered. A car alarm is a must for protecting company vehicles and property inside of them from theft. It also helps to keep your drivers safer while they’re out on the job.

    3. DroneMobile

Your fleet is part of your business's assets, so keeping track of this essential inventory is crucial. Getting notifications about 24/7 ignition alerts, having updates that let you know where your drivers are, GPS and geofences can all be great ways to protect your investment. In addition, it also offers helpful security controls like locking and unlocking, start stops, auxiliary options for the windows, and sliding doors making this upgrade a must-have.

DroneMoble offers you this on the convenience of your tablet, laptop, smartphone, or smartwatch and gives you detailed information about your fleet activity anytime you wish.

    4. Tinting

Another investment to consider for your fleet is tinting. This is because it helps maintain a more comfortable internal temperature meaning less use of the AC and better fuel economy. Tinting helps reduce sun glare, so your drivers will be comfortable, making them safer as they navigate the road.

Keeping your employees healthy is another concern, and the number of UV rays they are exposed to daily is a risk. Tint can reduce these rays by up to 99%, which means your workers and any items inside the vehicle will be safer.

    5. Step Bars

Another concern is employees getting in and out of the vehicles frequently. This is particularly true if your fleet is larger trucks. This height can make it more difficult for individuals with mobility issues to get in and out; step bar can help with this. Having this kind of support in place means the employee can move more efficiently and confidently, so there's less likely to be a preventable accident on the job. 

    6. Power Lift Gates

If your fleet requires opening and closing the hatch regularly on the vehicles, another safety investment is a lift gate. The gates are ideal for environments where your employees may have a large number of items that need to be placed inside of the vehicle at once. Having a button in place, they can push that automatically opens the hatch can give them more freedom to load the inventory quicker and less stress because they aren't trying to handle multiple items and lift on the latch at the same time.

   7. Backup Cameras

Backup cameras help to reduce the chance of liability due to driver error when backing up. With a backup camera, your driver will have a complete view behind the vehicle, reducing the chance of collision with a pedestrian, property, or another vehicle.

    8. Dash Cams

Dash cams provide added security and the chance to review footage. In some cases, they can protect your company from liability by providing a clear record of what occurred during an incident or collision as well.

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