When you think about a beautiful car, what comes to mind? A good-looking custom paint job that’s clean and free of scratches, a sharp-looking instrument panel, and of course, pristine upholstery. If your vehicle upholstery has seen better days, it can subtract from your car’s value and make riding a less enjoyable experience. Of course, even if your upholstery is in good condition, customizing your interior is a sharp-looking investment in your ride’s value and overall experience.

At Mobile Installation, our Brooklyn Park aftermarket car interior pros offer custom upholstery solutions to maximize your driving experience.

Here are a few reasons it may be time to replace your car seat upholstery:

1.   Freshen Up the Scent

Cars were made to be enjoyed, and enjoying your ride means sometimes your upholstery is going to get a few spills or a little moisture over the years. However, if years of living life have left a less-than-fresh odor in your car seats, it’s time to think about investing in vehicle upholstery.

2.   Remove Stains

Maybe you spilled a hot cup of coffee that left its mark, or perhaps you didn’t seal the lid on the paint can you purchased for a home improvement project. If you’ve got a stain in your ride that just won’t come out, you can end up trying everything to take it out.

3.   Replace Damaged Seats

There are a few types of vehicle upholstery damage that can hit the value of your ride hard. If your seats have been used to transport items that are better kept in the trunk, this can cause the material to loosen and bubble or eventually tear. Torn seats can be repaired, but the scar is typically still visible. Why not start fresh with beautiful seats that you’ll want to take extra good care of?

4.   Improve Your Ride

Maybe you love your car, but you’d love it even more if it had the luxury of a custom interior. Imagine your ride with custom leather upholstery using quality Italian leather hides. Or relax in the comfort of heated seats while you’re driving down the road. For the ultimate aftermarket car interior add-on, we can even install a custom starry night headliner in your ride!

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