Window tint looks sharp on just about any vehicle from the hottest sports car to a minivan full of kids. It also helps to protect your investment by reducing UV rays that can damage your interior and makes for a more comfortable ride. And as if that wasn’t enough, window tint adds an extra layer of privacy and security. But how can you best keep your window tint looking great after installation?

At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN, we love helping drivers with convenient, friendly aftermarket accessories installation. In this post, we’re breaking down what you need to know after having a new window tint installed on your vehicle. Give us a call to schedule your aftermarket accessories installation today!

1.   Know What’s Normal

During the curing process after window tint installation, your windows can look hazy or even appear to have bubbles or water pockets at first. Don’t assume this is caused by faulty installation or window tint. After your window tint is applied, the water in your tint will need time to evaporate but will eventually look completely normal.

2.   Wait to Clean Your Windows

After your new window tint is installed, it will require a few days to fully cure. Avoid the temptation to head to the car wash so you can show off your slick-looking ride. When you do finally clean your windows, gently wipe the interior windows with a microfiber towel. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners, especially ammonia, which will destroy your window tint.

3.   Don’t Roll Down Your Windows

During the curing process, you’ll need to keep your windows rolled up. Rolling them down prematurely can damage your window tint or cause it to peel.

4.   Be Careful With Your Tint

It’s true that window tint makes your car’s glass more resilient and more resistant to scratches. However, there are plenty of things that can still damage your window film, especially sharp objects like keys and your family dog’s claws. You should also be careful when loading sharp-edged items into your vehicle.

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