Is there anything better than cranking up the music as you head down the highway? When you’ve got a great playlist, a long commute is just an excuse to enjoy your coffee and favorite tunes. But if your stereo system isn’t up to par, you’re not making the most of the car stereo experience.

Whether you love belting out showtoons or rapping with Biggie, you need a stereo system that gives you perfect clarity at any volume. In this post, our aftermarket car interior team at Mobile Installation is breaking down tips to get a better sound system in your ride. Give us a call to schedule your car audio upgrades today!

1.   Update Your Car Audio Speakers

Bad speakers are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to bad car stereo sound. When your car’s manufacturer was building your ride, they were thinking about highway performance and mileage, not the way Macklemore would sound at 75 decibels. If your car audio speakers aren’t delivering clear sound quality, we can recommend replacement speakers to give you the sound you’re looking for.

2.   Add a Subwoofer With an Amplifier

Upgrade your subwoofers or get a custom enclosure made. A subwoofer is necessary for boosting the low frequencies while separating the deepest bass elements for precise, perfect sound. We offer a wide range of amplifiers and subwoofers from manufacturers like Helix, Alpine, and Memphis Car Audio.

3.   Get a Touchscreen Head Unit

Finding your favorite tunes is easier than ever with a touch screen head unit. Today’s systems are available with Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite playlist or podcast while you’re riding to work. With Bluetooth in your ride, you can enjoy hands-free media play so you’re free to focus on the road.

Building Your Stereo System

The Mobile Installation difference begins with personalized customer service. We’ll listen to the kind of sound you’re looking for and help you create a customized system that gives you that sound. We won’t pressure you to buy a spendier system than what you need. Instead, we’ll work to match your budget with aftermarket car interior accessories that meet your needs.

Brooklyn Park Car Audio Speakers

Are you tired of distortion when you try to crank up the volume? Give us a call to upgrade your sound system today!

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