It’s an unfortunate fact of life that vehicle-related thefts are on the rise. And thieves are getting creative these days between smash-and-grab property theft and catalytic converter theft. There’s even a new web-enabled scam where car thieves rip off a vehicle only to sell it quickly on Craigslist or Facebook Market using a fake profile.

In a world where thieves are getting bolder all the time, taking that simple step to invest in car alarm installation can end up saving you in terms of both financial loss and headache. In this post from Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we’re breaking down the car alarm installation process so you know exactly what to expect when we install yours. To schedule your convenient car alarm installation, give us a call today!

Car Alarm Basics

Before we get into breaking down the car alarm installation process, we’ll cover some of the basics of car alarm installation. One of the most common car alarm questions we are asked by customers is how long they can expect their installation to take. Although installation time can vary, most car alarms can be installed in just a few hours or less.

There are many types of car alarms available, but most have at least these basic components:

●        Door sensors

●        Immobilizer

●        Horn alarm

We can also install smart systems that you can monitor and connect to via your wireless phone.

Installing an Alarm System

Before getting started on your car alarm installation, we’ll diagnose the current state of your vehicle, checking your battery, lights, and door locks. Next, we’ll disassemble your vehicle’s inside pants in preparation for the installation. We’ll then prepare all wires, accessories, and products for dashboard installation before beginning the installation.

During the installation process, we’ll check all of the connections and mounting to make sure everything is secure and safe for driving. Finally, we’ll text and troubleshoot to make sure it’s all working properly, reassemble the panels, and clean your ride so it looks just as it did when you dropped it off.

At Mobile Installation, we install several security brands, including:

●        Code Alarm

●        Compustar

●        Avital

Schedule Your Car Alarm and Remote Start Installation

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