Your boat gives you a different kind of freedom, and whether you have a fishing hobby or want to spend your time cruising the waterways, you want to have a comfortable and stylish vessel. Installing accessories like heated seats or a premium sound system that will let you enjoy your favorite tunes can make your experience even better. So, Mobile Installation Services has a list to help create a sound system you will love!

What Components are Recommended?

The two main components will be your receiver and speakers, and because the impact of the boat on the water versus a car driving on the road is different, this will need to be considered during the installation.

Choosing a radio or source unit that can allow live music streaming from a handheld device is one upgrade. Ensuring you pick a product with line-level outputs, satellite radio controls, and a coated circuit board will help keep the receiver in premium condition.

Your speakers are a major component, and you want products that are powerful enough to be heard through any external noises that may be coming in. You want clarity and high volume so picking marine spacers that have an aluminum or plastic coating is essential because they are designed to withstand damage from salt, humidity, and water.

Get the Best Products for Your Boat

When it comes to the wiring you choose, you want to avoid bare copper because it will not hold up in extreme weather environments. Instead, choose a wire with a marine rating on it so you won’t have to worry about the sound system wearing down faster.

Installing waterproof items can give you peace of mind because the material can take on more water than water-resistant. UV resistant components can help reduce the amount of damage the sun can create on the system and interior items like the leather seats. In addition, finding products that offer anti-corrosion properties can help withstand saltwater damage.

Choosing the Right Installer

The last detail to creating a solid sound system is choosing an installer that you know will offer expert services. Finding a professional company that can help get you the right products like loudspeakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers can save you time and money and create a system you want to show off. 

Keeping Your Vehicle’s Comfort a Priority

Creating a sound system that you can count on for years is a priority, and if you need upgrades or installation, Mobile Installation Services are your local pros. We specialize in premium products in Minnesota ranging from DVD systems to professional window tint that our clients know and trust.

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