Do it Yourself” commonly known as DIY, is the method of building, modifying or repairing something without the help of experts or professionals. There are various motivations for the DIY approach to projects including financial benefits, lack of product availability or the need for customization. For someone skilled in a particular craft, such as automotive repair for example, garage-based tinkering can often save you money and be categorized as a hobby to some extent. However, fixing an engine is not like decorating your own gingerbread house – you will need specialized tools, extensive knowledge of the engine you intend to work on, and time - possibly a LOT of time.

More often than not, the DIY adventure can end up in catastrophe, especially for the uninitiated or the overzealous. “Well, it’s only a car starter – what could be so hard? A few wires and a couple of screws, and everything will just work…” These may be the famous last words as your car ends up being towed to a professional repair facility because the main computer inadvertently got fried – followed on by an equally undesirable repair bill.

We are not intending to diminish anyone's technical or industrial faculties when it comes to doing your own installations - all we are saying is that THIS is what we do, every day! Car starters, audio and video systems, interior and exterior accessories - we have done them all. In our line of work, experience is acquired through repetition. Every nuance, unique situation and unforeseen installation variable - we truly have seen them all. Our business is fully equipped with the tools of the trade and the expertise to handle every installation, for every product we offer, in every vehicle. Why take the chance? An endeavor intended to save money may end up costing more in the end should something go wrong, or if you have to make a mad dash to the automotive store to buy the special tool you need, only to use it just once.

At Mobile Installation Services, our professional services ensure that the money spent will yield a positive outcome. Experienced, reliable and trustworthy staff provides the greatest attention to quality work, with our ultimate goal being client satisfaction and enduring functionality of the equipment we install. Stop in or give us a call – your time is money, and our time will assure that your money is well spent!

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