Most vehicles today are equipped with a fairly good set of wheels. Several rim options are usually available, ranging from the basic ‘stock’ aluminum variety to other, more elaborate styles. Unless you are someone who tinkers with, modifies or upgrades from OEM vehicle components as a hobby, it is unlikely that you would find any good reason to change the wheels that your car or truck came with. They do what they are supposed to do and look fine the way they are, right? After all, the unsightly black steel rims of yesteryear complete with hubcaps that would at some point be found alongside the road are all but extinct now.


Well, the folks at Mobile Installation Services have found a pretty good reason to buy another set of rims for your vehicle – snow tires!  Living through our Minnesota winters can be a charming experience, until you try to drive on glare ice with your standard issue tires. Many people opt to “just get through” this season, as having to switch out your tires for those that are winter-ready can be somewhat of a hassle; removing your tires from their current rims, installing snow tires – then repeating the entire process in reverse when spring arrives. Another option is to keep your snow tires on all year, making your summer commute sound and feel like driving a bulldozer.


There is a better choice! Purchase a set of shiny new rims and switch them to your standard tires, then install your snow tires on the stock rims. Now, the process has become quite a bit simpler – just swap complete wheels twice a year and you’re done. You could even do this yourself in the garage or driveway as tire removal is no longer necessary. And even if you’d rather have a shop switch the wheels, you will save time and money in the long run. 

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