You may be ready to start a family – but is your car? Babies and kids can uncover things you never knew about your car, from "I wish there was another way to slow down," to "This car definitely doesn't feel safe enough to leave my kid in." Fortunately, there are many aftermarket additions you can make to get your car ready for kids (without buying a new model). Let's take a look at some of the most effective.


1. Car Security System


Is your car safe enough for your kids? Today's modern aftermarket car security systems offer a number of improvements that may prove exactly what parents are looking for. This include remote start so you don't have to sit in a freezing car while waiting to take the kids to school, as well as remote locks and unlocks for when you're struggling with groceries, kid seats, or more. Even more advanced systems include 2-way security and alarms so you don't have to worry about leaving your kids along in the car if necessary.


2. Back-up and Blind Spot Warning


When your car is suddenly filled with kids and their friends – who can sometimes be a little boisterous – then checking your blind spots and backing up carefully can grow much more challenging. Fortunately, several solutions are ideal for this problem.  You can install back-up cameras and stop craning your head to get a glimpse behind you, and blind spot warnings will make sure you know about dangers even if you can't quite see them. These installations are particularly well-suited for larger vehicles and vans.


3. Advanced Cruise Control


When there is a young child or kid on board, part of a parent's attention will always be focused on them. However, that can make some driving situations a little more dangerous – like driving on freeways or using cruise control. If cars suddenly start slowing down, you may not be prepared in time to react. Today's cruise control systems use sensors to detect changes in front of your car: They can immediately adjust speeds to make sure that you stay far enough away from other vehicles to help avoid collisions – even if you aren't quite paying attentions.


4. New Storage Options


For new families, car storage space becomes very, very important. While there isn't really a way to add more space to a car, plenty of installations provide a way to make better use of the space that's there. This ranges from extra hooks and hampers to under-seat storage and much more. If there just isn't enough room in your car for all the stuff you need, think about a quick renovation.


5. DVD Player


Do you need to keep your kids and their friends reasonably contained for longer car rides? A DVD player installation is more affordable than ever and a great way to add some entertainment options to your car. At the same time, why not consider new speaker options and controls so that your kids never complain about the volume? For advanced options, make sure you pick something that can play Blu-rays as well!


6. Car Tracking


Eventually, your children will grow up…and they'll want to take the car out on their own. Are you ready for that step? If your kids are getting ready start borrowing the family car, think about installing a car tracker. These smart devices are great at sensing where a car goes, where it currently is, or how it's been used. There are plenty of different options available for the concerned parent.




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